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Special Committee Formed by CAA and Silk Way Airlines

On July 6th, 2011, The Azerbaijan State Civil Aviation Administration formed a special committee that includes representatives from CAA and Silk Way Airlines. On the same evening group of committee specialists arrived at Bagram Airport on Silk Way Airlines special charter flight. The group later departed to Kabul International Airport to start the organization procedures for access to the alleged place of crash. With support of Ministry of Transport of Afghanistan, together with ISAF Coalition Forces, an emergency briefing was held to establish the rescue plan and determine the exact number of victims among the 9 crew members:

1. Captain - Sergey Kuzmin (1969)
2. Second Pilot - Oleg Marshihin (1979)
3. Navigator - Igor Chzhen (1966)
4. Flight Engineer - Vladimir Shatobin (1958)
5. Radio operator - Ahmedjan Hajayev (1955)
6. Loadmaster - Elnur Mahmudov (1981)
7. Loadmaster - Tapdig Gahramanov (1964)
8. Aircraft mechanic -Afghan Rahimov (1980)
9. Aircraft mechanic - Mehman Huseynov (1962)

At the same time, the Government of Afghanistan formed a committee under Ministry of Transport of Afghanistan to investigate the plane crash, together with Representatives of our committee. The committee team presence is very limited due to the hard to reach crash area in mountains with active military action on site. Despite these factors, with support of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan, US Embassy in Azerbaijan, ISAF forces and Afghanistan Law enforcement, the committee is looking for any possibilities to get access to the aircraft crew members' remains and find out the preliminary information about the crash.
Azerbaijan Republic committee team will stay in the country until the all necessary formalities have been finished.