Silk Way Insurance

Since its foundation in 1995, Silk Way Insurance has taken an important place among Azerbaijan’s leading insurance companies. Silk Way Insurance currently is licensed to write 23 different types of insurance and renders services in all types of aviation insurance to its clients. Consistent with our commitment to aviation excellence, Silk Way Insurance distinguishes itself as the first company to hold multiple aviation insurance licenses in Azerbaijan.

The terminal’s location at Heydar Aliyev International Airport allows us to significantly increase cargo turnover, thus making Baku an important transfer zone. Meeting growing cargo transportation demands, BCT has the capability to handle all types of cargo from one central location. Our spacious working environment, advanced handling equipment, and real-time tracking system ensure increased productivity and guaranteed results.

The cargo terminal’s state-of-the-art technical base provides an extensive and specialized warehouse area for door-to-door handling and cargo storage, including cooling facilities for perishable goods, storage rooms equipped with observation systems, and special storage for hazardous goods.